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New Ways

by Leif Vollebekk

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Whereas Twin Solitude was about self-reflection, New Ways is about engaging and changing, touching and being touched. It’s a physical record, with louder and tighter grooves, and the rawest lyrics the musician has ever recorded—tenderness and violence, sex and rebirth, Plato and Julie Delpy. What mattered most was the feel of each the groove, the distance between the kick and the snare.“If it didn’t feel right, we'd do another take, or switch from piano to guitar, or change the drum sound,” Vollebekk says. 10 different tracks for 10 states of motion, each with its own pulse. There's the heat of the night and the cool blue of morning, hints of Prince and Bill Withers.

Only when everything was finally over—when the mixes were perfect, and the masters cued up—did Vollebekk really understand what he had made. “Now I knew what was going to happen,” he remembers. “The moments didn’t feel fleeting—they felt eternal, almost fated. The songs spoke to me differently, but they hadn’t changed. I just heard them in New Ways.”


released November 1, 2019

All songs written and arranged by Leif Vollebekk

Recorded at Breakglass Studios, Montreal by David Smith, except The Way That You Feel, Wait A While, and Apalachee Plain recorded at Capitol Studios, Los Angeles by Steve Genewick, assisted by Jeff Fitzpatrick

Mixed by Chris Allen, except Never Be Back and Hot Tears mixed by Chris Shaw with additional mixing by Chris Allen

Mastered by Greg Calbi
Produced by Leif Vollebekk

Artwork by Olivia Baldwin
Photography by Vanessa Heins
Design by Andrew Robinson

Published by Secret City Publishing Inc.

2019 Secret City Records Inc.


all rights reserved



Leif Vollebekk Montreal, Québec

Some artists go on feeling like secrets long after they've started being told. Leif Vollebekk is one of these treasures. Born in Ottawa in 1985, he taught himself music using instruments inherited from his grandfather: harmonica, guitar, piano, an old fiddle. Leif has release 3 albums so far : Inland, North Americana and Twin Solitude. ... more


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Track Name: The Way That You Feel
-- Lyrics --

Just two kinds of people
The mad ones and the blue
Sometimes you drift between em
Sometimes you head straight on through
Have you seen another
Have you touched him with your hand
Held him close and then rocked him slow
Like a little rocking band
It’s not raining but I wish it was
Like the night we struck a deal
You took me where I want to go
To the way that you feel
Track Name: Never Be Back
-- Lyrics --

She’s my woman and she loved me so fine
She’ll never be back, never be back
I was afraid that I was running down the line
You were afraid that I would never find the time
Just two kinds of people the mad and the blue
Drifting between ‘em or heading straight through
See so many faces just looking at yours
One called me a scoundrel, one called me a boy
One said I was crazy to love like I did
That ain’t to mention the one that you hid
A face like a myth and it’s soft like the sea
Can’t see your eyes when you’re looking at me
Blade to the blade just to sharpen the truth
I know your eyes so much better than you
Mirrors ain’t nothing, they’re backwards for you
In photos they’re flattened you know that it’s true
I know exactly the shade of the blue
I know exactly the shade of the blue
Between your two lips I can feel it inside
Collapsed in the stairway just heading outside
No one’s ambition is blind to the sun
Can keep up for now but can’t keep it for long
Round about midnight the first that I knew
Staring at me with those oh so blue
Hot sweat in August no condoms that time
Said don’t come inside me it shattered my mind
Smiled and kissed me and drifted asleep
Streetlight was pouring all over the sheets
Walking to work nothing under your dress
I still live in that summer babe I must confess
Now independent yes truly you are
Used to be free now convinced by the stars
Not so much science but pseudo it seems
Leaves so much room for my memories and dreams
Not making a case for you or for trying
But there’s energy swiftly defying the silence
It was never easy
It was never like that
Always leaving in the morning
But you were always coming back

She’s my woman and she loved me so fine
Never be back, never be back
Track Name: Hot Tears
-- Lyrics --

Maybe I’m just drawn to the wonder
I can feel it coming do you hear the ninth?
From the river bridge I hear the thunder
Eye of the storm your skin on mine
Tell me what’s the story my morning glory
Whisper it to me in a grand hotel
Telling me all the time I’m sorry
Baby don’t I know it, it ain’t hard to tell
Well I know you get so low before you get high
Before you go, come say hello
I’m never gonna find the way to say goodbye
Hot tears
Lightning evening in the holy highlands
Down in the hall up against the wall
I know you’re struggling what to call it
Why you gotta call it anything at all
Is it a dream or some softer poison
Eyes looking away til they bled the blues
Is it a dream or some softer poison 
Eyes looking away, eyes looking away

Well I know you get so low before you get high
Before you go, come say hello
I’m never gonna find the way to say goodbye
Hot tears
Heavenly love is right on time
But is it enough
You gotta find the light
Track Name: Transatlantic Flight
-- Lyrics --

Before sunrise I’m dazed and confused
Just like Julie Delpy like Léa Seydoux
I wanna see you roll your eyes 
In a televised interview
I wanna make you mine
God’s handiwork in the clouds
You navigating the crowds
Of the festival
You’re lighthearted
Heavyhearted too
Something I wouldn’t put my worst enemy through
Now I’m looking at the sun through
My eyelids
My eyelids
Now I’m drifting in the astral plane
When will I see you again
Are you drifting in the astral plane
When will I see you again 
So why don’t you come on over
Start talking to me
One thing I can tell you
You look good when you’re tired
On a transatlantic flight
Track Name: Phaedrus
-- Lyrics --

The way that it was
The way that it was
The way that it was
Is the way it should be
Now I have had visions 
Ever since I was a child
And when you kissed me and smiled
It was all I could see
Now were you with me 
Or was I with you
When I drank from the Lethe
Tell me wasn’t it you?
The way that it was
Yeah, the way that it was 
The way that it was
Is the way it should be
Track Name: Blood Brother
-- Lyrics --

Coincidence is piling up, don’t know if it’s a sign
Sometimes you got no choice in the matter
You gotta shake the tree of time
You see I finally found another that I’d like to introduce
Do you know what I’m thinking, can you tell me who I am
Do you think that I am doomed?
You’re my blood brother
What am I gonna do
You’re my blood brother
She’s just like me and you
I really fell hard for you baby, I won’t fall for that again
With my mind twisted and turned in all directions til I don’t know who I am
You know your lips whenever they kiss me it’s like a gun against my skin
But if ever they cut you down with a dagger, only I would feel it going in
She’s my blood brother
What am I gonna do
She’s my blood brother
What am I gonna do
My life is on the radio, they’re saying it’s a dream
I can tell that the lights are fading but it’s just a change of scene
You know sometimes it’s like
I’m weightless and it’s just like I ain’t here
In fact for my next performance,
I’m gonna plain disappear
She’s my blood brother
It’s just like I ain’t here
She’s my blood brother
I’m gonna plain disappear
It’s just like I ain’t here
I’m gonna plain disappear
Track Name: Change
-- Lyrics --

See what it brings
I got all new strings
Quiet as she sings
Of change
What it does to me
Bottomless as the sea
Top down in the breeze
Come on and answer me 
With change
See what it brings
I got all new strings
Quiet as she sings
Quiet as she sings
Yeah, quiet as she sings
Of change 
Track Name: I'm Not Your Lover
-- Lyrics --

Standing in line at the filling station
Love the smell of the gas just waiting 
I know I shouldn’t breathe it in
But I do anyway
See the lights now that I’m getting to the city
Drifting in thrift stores I see something pretty
See a jacket I’d wear til I gave it to you
I’m not your lover anymore
Lilac and dogwood in the summer air
Kentucky grass wishing you were there
With your hand on my knee
Put your head on my shoulder where you want it to be
I’m not your lover anymore
You shake my spine until you sublimate it
Pour the wine til I can’t separate it from my brain
You’re a sign on the highway covered in rain
I’m not your lover anymore
Track Name: Wait a While
-- Lyrics --

You gotta be humble babe if you wanna find it 
You gotta stumble for a while if you wanna get behind it
You gotta run your mouth off once or twice
You gotta eavesdrop when it don’t seem right
You gotta run with the devil before you see it
So you can come back later just to free it
You gotta be steel-eyed and driven
You gotta be hard and unforgiven
You gotta run those dogs in the rain and snow
Til you turn where it is you need to go
And when you arrive you will praise it
Every hair on your arm I will raise it
But you’re gonna have to wait a while
But you’re gonna have to wait a while
But you’re gonna have to wait a while
Track Name: Apalachee Plain
-- Lyrics --

Is it wrong to call your name
On the Apalachee Plain
When I know it’s been called
A thousand times
If at all
Is it wrong 
To call your name
Once again
Wishing’s easy
If you try
Don’t get bogged down
And don’t you cry
If it comes true
So be it
And if it don’t just believe it
To be the way
That it always
Ought to be
Mustang’s kicking in the field
I saw it all behind the wheel
But it woulda never had that feel
If you weren’t right there at my heels
Holding up
Your end
Of the bargain
So how about your lean on in
Just this one time give me that grin
The one I first saw laying in bed
With your hair about our heads

When the sky it was deserted
In the space of a couple lines
I’m reminded from time to time
You were in and throughout
Before the flood, before the drought
Before the sunlit garden grew
Before the ashes filled the tombs
No there ain’t nothing I can change about me now
No there ain’t nothing I can change about me now
No there ain’t nothing I can change about me now

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